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stonewool substrate
«AGROS» Stonewool Substrate
Specifications 5762-007-4656571-01
Sanitary-epidemiological conclusion
61..01.576..000109.01.08, 17.01.2008.

Dear Sirs! We are pleased to offer to your attention our company's products - "Agros" stonewool substrate based on mineral fibrous. It is used for

  • cultivating flowers and vegetables of defended soil with little-volumetric technologies;
  • growing seedlings of vegetables and ornamental plants.

«Agros» Substrate  —
is ecologically safe natural inorganic material which is produced by melting some mountain rocks with temperature exceeding 1400 C. Production of the stonewool with these technologies enables the company to guarantee the full absence of toxics in its «Agros» products.

Indicators Actual indicators
Density 75 ± 5 kg/m³
Water-content 80%
Diameter of the fibrous 5 mcm
Diminution of substrate while moistening, not more than 10%
Porosity 97%
      Stonewool is —
the best and well-established substrate for hydroponic technologies (the most of foreign specialists' recommendations are applicable only to stonewool);
absolute sterilization and chemical inertness of the stonewool which make any corrections of nutritive solutions unnecessary;
high responsiveness of the substrate to technologists' actions and accessibility of the root sphere to prompt efficient control make the agricultural chemists' work much easier;
chemical and mechanical stability of the stonewool ensures its double-season utility;
the low mass volume and standard sizes of the substrate facilitate its transportation and preparing works in greenhouses.

Kiemplugs for seedlings

Are used for growing seeds.
The plugs are made out of hydrophilic stonewool with chaotic fibrestructure.

Dimensions: (diameter x height)  22 x 28 mm.

For more efficient growing of seedlings the plugs are placed in standard boxes made out of styrofoam.

The homogeneity of plug's structure results in a very even distribution of moisture, nutritives and the pH level. Due to this distribution the better germinating power is achieved.

Propagation Blocks


Are used for vegetable and flower cultivation.
The structure of mineral crimped stonewool of the blocks ensures that the blocks are particularly hard and mechanically stable while moistening.

    100 x 100 x 65 mm (with one hole)
    150 x 100 x65 mm (with two holes)

Primary vertical fibrestructure inside the stonewool together with the holes for drainage on the lower side of the blocks enables to effect growing of seedlings in "dry" conditions.

The two kinds of blocks are available:

  • the blocks for direct sowing
  • the blocks for thinning-out technologies when the seeds are transplanted into the stonewool kiemplugs in the boxes.

After the seedlings have grown the plugs with sprouts are replaced from boxes into blocks with special holes for this purpose.

The blocks «Agros» — are healthy roots, strong plants with exellent balance of vegetative and generative development, easy controllable growing process.

The Slabs

     The slabs with horizontal fibrestructure
Standard, easy controllable substrate. Its horizontal fibrestructure. ensures the optimal distribution of the roots and nutritive solutions everywhere in the slab.

The slabs with chaotic fibrestructure
The chaotic fibrestructure makes slabs very hard in all its flatnesses which results in possibility to use it during the long period of time. Due to the part of vertical fibrous that enables substrate to drain well, these slabs are bit drier than horizontal fiberstructure slabs. As for diminution of substrate while moistening and water-content the products fully correspond with its import analogies. The sprouting of root system is more rapid than in slabs with horizontal fiberstructure.

Dimensions: 1000x200x75 mm

The slabs are delivered in black-and-white wraps made out of polyethylene film.

Special Boxes

While growing seeds and cultivation the stonewool kiemplugs are placed in special boxes «Agros». The boxes are made out of styrofoam. The boxes are delivered empty and already with kiemplugs as well.

Dimeisions: 600x410x50 mm
Every box has 240 cells: 23 mm in diameter and 32 mm in depth;

You can use boxes for many times during several years. Much more plants can be cultivated in boxes in the same square with usual methods. There is no necessity to water separately each plant. The box is fully plunged into the nutritive solution and all the plants receive the same quantity of moisture and nutritives. It's easier to support the optimal temperature for sprouting of the seeds. In boxes it's more convenient to vaccinate plants, make thinning-out into the soil or stonewool blocks for future plant-growing.

The scheme of hydroponic plant-growing with «Agros» stonewool →  

About «AGROS»

The stonewool product-line «Agros» manufactured by «Komat» provides with a full cycle of cultivating vegetables and flowers of defended soil with little-volumetric technologies. The chief advantage of «Agros» stonewool as the substrate for hydroponic growing of plants is in its high economic effectiveness resulted from optimum yields and great economy of resources

«Komat» also provides with technical services. You can receive recommendations concerning preparing of greenhouses and nutritive solutions, moistening of slabs, methods of watering, etc. You also can find these recommendations in «Stonewool Substrate Application Guidance», written for specialists who work in greenhouses.

      About us

«Komat» is the only Russian manufacturer of stonewool substrate for growing vegetables of defended soil with little-volumetric technologies.

Today our business partners it is more than 50 greenhouses of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus. The quantity of greenhouses — buyers of a substratum «Agros» constantly increases. The enterprise carries out delivery of products to consumers by all kinds of covered transport

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